Information about HydroShare


HydroShare is the Premier Watercraft Rental Community!

HydroShare is a watercraft sharing community that equally benefits both parties.  We give owners the ability to earn revenue by renting their boat or watercraft while it would otherwise lie dormant, and we give renters the ability to enjoy being on the water without the costs of ownership. 

Listing and renting are both secure and easy.  To list, you simply need to provide details about your watercraft and then sit back and wait for rental requests to come in.  To rent, you simply need to search based on your preferences and location and then select from the many watercrafts available.

Whether you’re looking for a powerboat, jet ski, yacht, sailboat, kayak, canoe, paddleboard, surfboard, or any other recreational watercraft, HydroShare is the community for you.

There are LIMITLESS options!