Information about HydroShare

How it works

Booking a Watercraft

Sign up
Sign up with Facebook or your email address to be a HydroShare renter. This is a no-obligation sign-up.  We simply need to have your information to allow you to communicate with watercraft owners should you decide that you’d like to rent.

Find the watercraft you wish to rent
Use our search screen to define the watercraft you’re looking to rent, then browse the results to identify the watercraft in the location that best meets your needs.

Send your rental request
Send your rental request to the owner by entering the dates you wish to rent the watercraft along with a personal message. The owner will review your request and confirm or decline your rental within twenty-four hours, although this usually happens much quicker.

Watercraft pick-up
Meet the owner to pick up the watercraft at the arranged location. Show the owner your license, coordinate with the owner on the date, time and location for dropping off the watercraft, and then enjoy your rental.

Enjoy your time on the water!
Have a wonderful time! Whether renting for a few hours or a few weeks, enjoy your time with the watercraft.  This is your opportunity to enjoy the perks of a watercraft without the hassle of upkeep and storage.

Watercraft drop-off
At the end of your trip, replace the gas (if applicable) you used and meet the owner to drop off the watercraft. It’s as simple as that!

Listing your Watercraft

Create an account
You can create an account using Facebook or you can create one using your email address. Once you respond to our confirmation email, you can move forward with listing your watercraft.

Listing your watercraft
List your watercraft by providing a few details. Enter the details of your watercraft, including a complete description and an accurate location of the watercraft.  Finally, be sure to upload several clean photos of your watercraft. That’s all there is to it – just click the Post listing button when you’re done.

Once you post your listing, you’ll be asked to select any dates that your watercraft is not available.  Be sure to keep your calendar up to date so renters know when your watercraft is available.

Payment Settings
After saving your watercraft’s availability, you’ll land on your listing page.  If you’re renting with online payments, you should then click on the payment settings link to connect your PayPal account.

Respond to requests
You’ll get notified when someone requests to rent your watercraft instantly. Follow the link to review the request and please confirm or decline the request as soon as possible.  You may also contact the renter with any questions at this time.

Meet the renter
Coordinate directly with the renter for where and when you’ll meet. Check the renter’s license, walk around the watercraft, note the fuel and mileage, coordinate the drop-off time and location, and then send them off.  Note: If you know the location well, here’s where you can also provide the renter with some guidance and fun places to go.

Pick up your watercraft
Meet the renter at the coordinated time and location, make sure everything is in order, thank them for renting, and then head home.  It’s that easy! Don’t forget to rate and review them to help keep our marketplace strong and honest.