L.L. Bean Kayak Rental

Renting out my 10ft L.L. Bean DLX 100 kayak. Includes paddle and life vest. $40/per four hour period*, $75 Full Day or $100 2-Day.

Operation and Safety Guidelines:
Yes - I will provide renter adequate operation and safety guidelines / orientation on how to operate my watercraft
Model: L.L. Bean Manatee DLX 100 Kayak
Length: 9' and 9"
Year: 2015

Public discussion (3)

Ryan H

3 months ago

I am rent for to kayak for the day with my friend! Can't wait!


3 months ago

Hey man - yeah it’s available for rent. Sorry I couldn’t quite make out what you were trying to say. Thank you!

Ryan H

2 months ago

Sorry about that I was on the phone and typing standing up. As I mentioned, this is a really nice kayak - it has the same adjustable seat that's in my friend's $1,200/kayak. Highly recommended.

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